Looking to the future

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Tell us where you need help

We are committed to providing support—for example, case studies and decision trees—to help you understand our draft principles and codes. But sometimes when we develop case studies to help you, we make the issue or scenario too obvious.

To get things right, we need your help to identify difficult or unclear areas with our draft principles and codes of conduct. We want to target our support and case studies on these tricky issues.

So, when you look at the new draft codes of conduct, do you see grey areas? Where would case studies or other support be helpful? Tell us the scenarios that you think need a case study. We will then use them to prepare case studies with answers, or we will amend the drafting of the code if it is not clear enough.

See an example of how this might work

Please use the form below to tell us what you think. Try to focus on the facts of the situation first and then the principle or part of the codes where compliance is unclear.